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I am a researcher and consultant in criminal and forensic investigations, cold cases, and behaviour analysis. My research primarily focuses on understanding complex human behaviour. There are a number of traditional approaches in Psychology and Criminology in this area; however, I am more interested in novel ways of investigating real-world behaviours. Therefore, my research typically involves a range of applied approaches, such as Behaviour Sequence Analysis, Multidimensional modelling, Survival Analysis, T-pattern analysis etc. As part of this research process, I co-founded and am Director of: ReBSA; some of the research projects undertaken by the group are outlined below.

I am regularly asked to consult on current and cold cases, and use a number of the techniques outlined above to profile criminals and analyses interrogations.

Please note: I also provide consultancy and guidance for other topics (e.g., health psychology and fitness analysis; sports team interactions and match analysis; and body language coaching and analysis).

Please contact me if you would like to know any further information (email:

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