Below is a list of some of the most recent research groups and individuals I collaborate with (click on names to be taken to their websites).

Researchers in Behaviour Sequence Analysis (ReBSA)
This is my research group.

For more information about us, please click HERE



As part of my applied behavioural research, I also collaborate with the following groups:

Methodology for the Analysis of Social Interaction (MASI)

(University of Iceland / International)


Atypical Homicide Research Group

(Northeastern University, Boston, MA)

Human Behavior Laboratory 

(University of Iceland)

N8 Policing Research Partnership (N8 PRP)

(Police / University Collaboration, UK)

Joe Navarro 

(ex-FBI agent, USA)

Psychology of Active, Healthy Living Group (PAHL)

(University of Western Australia)


Personality, Social Psychology, and Health Research Group

(University of Nottingham, UK)

Health and Social Issues Research Group 
(Edge Hill University, UK)



Obviously, not all of my collaborations and consultancy work can be made public.

I am always eager to hear about novel research ideas and form new collaborations

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