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Below is a list of some of the most recent research groups and individuals I collaborate with (click on names to be taken to their websites).

Researchers in Behaviour Sequence Analysis (ReBSA)
This is my research group.

For more information about us, please click HERE


I am also Co-Director of a Cold Case Review group

Cold Case Review


I work closely with a number of Government groups and Law Enforcement Organisations, most notably with:

Rhode Island Cold Case Task Force

The Vidocq Society

The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases


Please note: as these groups involve real-world current and cold cases, I am unable to discuss the details of my involvement in these groups.

As part of my applied behavioural research, I have also collaborated with the following groups:

Methodology for the Analysis of Social Interaction (MASI)

(University of Iceland / International)


Locate International

(United Kingdom)

Atypical Homicide Research Group

(Northeastern University, Boston, MA)

Human Behavior Laboratory 

(University of Iceland)

N8 Policing Research Partnership (N8 PRP)

(Police / University Collaboration, UK)


Obviously, not all of my collaborations and consultancy work can be made public.

I am always eager to hear about novel research ideas and form new collaborations

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