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                                 Current Employment

2023 - present - Professor of Criminology

2022 - 2023 - Associate Professor in Criminology

2018-2021- Senior Lecturer in Criminology

(Murdoch University, Australia)


2016-present - Director of Researchers in  Behaviour Sequence Analysis

2019-2023- Co-Director of Cold Case Review



Previous Employment


2016-2018- Full-time Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

(University of Lincoln)

2015-2016 - Full-time Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

(University of Lincoln)

Online Lecturer/Tutor

(University of Derby)


2010-2015 - Residential and Online Tutor/Lecturer
(Open University, UK)


2013-2015 - Research Fellow
(Curtin University, Australia)


2012-2013 - Lecturer
(Edge Hill University, UK)


2012 - P/T Lecturer in Social Psychology
(University of Sheffield, UK)


2010-2011 – P/T Lecturer in MSc Mental Health studies

(Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK)


2009-2012 - PhD in Psychology
(University of Nottingham, UK)




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