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I am a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Chair of Crime Science. I am also Director of an international research network: Researchers in Behaviour Sequence Analysis (ReBSA) and Director of Cold Case Review (CCR) @ Murdoch.

I collaborate on a number of international research projects into violent crime, including atypical homicide, sexual assault and rape cases, and interpersonal violence. This has resulted in over 60 academic publications and case reports. In addition to academic work, I am also a consultant to police departments around the world. I have consulted on a number of current and cold criminal cases.

Most recently, I have published 3 books on my research and the methods I use: 'The Deception Detection Handbook',  'The Timeline Toolkit: temporal methods for crime research', and 'Pathways in Crime: an introduction to behaviour sequence analysis'. I am also an internationally recognised cold case consultant and criminal behaviour analyst and currently provide assistance to Law Enforcement worldwide, primarily the Rhode Island Cold Case Task Force, as well as The Vidocq Society and the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC). I specialise in sexual and atypical homicide cases, and interrogation, statement analysis.


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David Keatley, MSc. Ph.D.

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