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Listed below are examples of the applied input I provide to Law Enforcement Organisations, businesses, and indivduals around the world. If you would like to know more or discuss your case, please contact me for a private consultation: david.keatley[at]

  • Current and Cold cases
    I work alongside many police and law enforcement agencies to provide my analyses, research, and opinion on current and unsolved, cold-cases. I am a member of several leading cold case groups, and am Co-Director of my own Cold Case Review group. I provide victimology and suspect analysis. I also provide timeline reconstruction using a range of methods. I specialise in homicide cases; however, I have also worked on financial fraud cases, assaults (including child abuse and intimate partner violence), and rape cases.


  • Interrogation Analysis
    ​​I provide in-depth analyses of interview and interrogations using a combination of forensic linguistics methods and nonverbal communication analyses to provide Law Enforcement with feedback and assessments. I provide analyses and opinion post hoc (of old audio and video tapes) and in vivo during interrogation of witnesses and suspects. This can be done on criminal cases as well as industry-related interviews.


  • Behaviour Tracking / Keatley's Winthropping
    I am currently leading an international team of experts in combining temporal and geographic methods. I have developed Behaviour Tracking methods to map and analyse the movements of criminals in space and time. I have also developed the classic Winthropping technique for use in missing persons, threat management/detection, and profiling contexts.

  • Threat Assessment
    Using a combination of all of the methods I use, I provide bespoke threat analysis and management plans for a range of scenarios, including terrorists, stalkers, Intimate Partner Violence, and death threats.


  • Crime Linkage
    I have developed metrics for crime linkage in terms of building a case against a suspect, through linking other similar crimes. I also have access to various databases of serial killers, intimate partner violence, terrorists, familicides, and a range of other crimes, which I use to build a profile for suspect prioritisation.



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